To create a sustainable development in the dance community & the hip hop culture community that includes everyone who wants to continue to experience hip hop culture & street dance. Regardless of age, ethnicity, religion and gender, it should be a festival that acts for public education.

We work internally with both environmentally friendly and vegan friendly choices. Our partner also represents our sustainability thinking and chooses to collaborate first and foremost with companies that work for a better future.


To collaborate with enthusiasts who want to support and also create relationships and be able to network with visitors from different parts of the world. We work for equality with everyone, regardless of other background, nationality, gender within the project process and choice of artists. Internally we work to be down to earth and humanism in our work.


As guests in hip hop culture community, we want to emphasize the good that is in street dance and performing arts. We find education, knowledge and history about hip hop culture as an important aspect.

We have three valuable and essential points that we take with us in all the work we do:

- Positive energy.
- Respectful.
- Each one teach one.


Good relation is something we focus on annually. From the artists and the companies we work with, to the dancers and the visitors that take part of the festival. We find equality as an important aspect and treat everyone equally. Every person is important to us and we want each one to leave the festival with more joy and energy than when you arrived with.



Hiphop Revolution Festival is a international street dance festival and have been held for the first five years in Jonkoping but will be held for the sixth time in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year we present our online edition and take the festival to a digital venue.

The Festival is made from dancers to dancers, although fans of dance, culture and entertainment. The festival offers a lot of dance, music, culture and entertainment. Open for all ages, including groups and families.

The purpose with the festival is to build on our dance scene in Scandinavia but to continue to maintain this free artistic expression, where neither age, level, gender, class, ethnicity and culture should be separated. The festival exists because there is still a need for active development both in the in dance and culture community. With an insight to be able to inspire other local young organizers to create their own festivals. We value each one teach one, when people meet regardless of competence or background, there is a lot to learn from each other, which is the essential we strive for. The dance styles will meet and inspire the performers to create in their own dance. We find a great need to focus on all generations, especially the younger ones where they need role models in the dance culture.

This festival would not be possible without the project team, sponsors, audience, dancers & the massive support we got yearly from every visitor.

Check out our media or sign up as a member today to get the latest news, offers & to support to growth of the festival.







Style, passion, originality is what reflects Eddie as a Creative Artist. Being able to get daily inspiration to his craftsmenship and then share it through to the culture is already special enough for him. He began his creative journey with his art back in 2008 and from there he got to experience the culture daily from many different angles. As a dancer, Eddie is versatile and loves to learn as much as possible. Eddie mainly dances the street styles Hip hop, house dance and even experimental where he can express himself extra. He travels and competes in both Hip Hop and Experimental most of the time, in which he has won and been a finalist in several competitions over the years. When you don´t find Eddie on the dance floor, you may see him rockin the mic as a Emcee and keeping the events energy at its prime. As a host Eddie like to stay original and to keep the audience and dancers connected with him. His goal as an Emcee is to make every event he host memorable for the audience, dancers, artists and organizers. With more then ten year experience and 30+ festivals, Eddie is known for his skills and knowledge as project manager. For the moment, Eddie is studying a two year international cultural project manager education at Nätverkstan, which he graduates May 2020 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Eddie is one of the founders of Id Crew Company which organises several festivals, events, performance and workshops around Sweden.


“Struggling in life to achieve ones dream is nothing more than human, and as a person I struggle to 100% to see where the dance takes me”



Julian "Joujou" is a dancer and choreographer. He works a lot with projects for urban dance culture, and with his two companies ID Crew and Kings Among Kings, he has a solid experience from both the commercial dance world and the platforms  where the hip hop culture is. He was a dancer during We love the 90's concert at the Telenor Arena in Oslo in 2017 and among other things, danced behind SNAP, which is behind the well-known song The Power. He has participated in battles around Europe as Battlehead Joujou ID Crew in recent years, where he won several times and also acted as judge. He is the Nordic champion in Hip hop at KOD World Cup 2017, where he will compete with the Swedish team next year in Germany for the European Championship. The styles Julian Represent are Hip Hop and Experimental, but he also has a great knowledge of the rest of the Street Style.

"Your journey begins within yourself, find your passion and let it lead you through life"


Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with many humble and talented artists, dancers, choreographers, film teams, photo teams, project groups.

We want to take out time & show below our gratitude & the line up of everyone who has been with us since 2009:

Niki Awandee (SE)  •  Nury (ES)  •  Didier Tijo (FR)  •  Bgirl Paulina (PL)  •  DJ Stew (FR)  •  DJ Combat (SE)  •  Aaron Phiri (SE)  •  Marcio Ratinho (PT)  •  Veera (FI)  •  Dogbite (SE)  •  Ida (NO)  •  Sahar (SE)  •  DJ Cheza (SE)  •  Alex the cage (BE)  •  Inxi (SE)  •  Kwame (FR)  •  Sarah Bee (AG)  •  Twoface (DE)  •  OG (DE)  •  Queen Mary (BG)  •  Pakkhoo (SE)  •  Aldo style (DE)  •  Creesto (FR)  •  Marie Kaae (DK)  •  The R (SE)  •  Icee (FR)  •  Damon Frost (US)  •  Alesya Dobish (RU)  •  Bboy Elmo (FI)  •  Niako (FR)  •  Sally Sly (CH)  •  Mamson (FR)  •  MR Keyz (FR)  •  Foolish (SE)  •  Salas (FR)  •  Nelson (FR)  •  T-Break (FI)  •  DJ Vag (UA)  •  Bouboo (FR)  •  Franqey (FR)  •  Abdl (FR)  •  DJ Olli (FI)  •  Keskya (FR)  •  Escobar (SE)  •  DJ Neno (SE)  •  Atmosfear (SE)  •  Spazm (SE)  •  Jun (SE)  •  Akim (SE)  •  DJ Qute (SE)  •  Göteborg stad (SE)  •  Fryshuset (SE)  •   Sweden & Finland Foundation (FI)  •  Dedicated Brand (SE)  •  Auktionsverket Kulturearena (SE)  •  Radar72 (SE)  •  Kulturungdom (SE)  •  Frilagret (SE)  •  KulturAtom (SE)  •  Vitamin Well (SE)  •  Vasaboden (SE)  •  Twisted Feet DA  •  Danzlagret (SE)  •  Dansforum (SE)  •  Nefertiti (SE)  •  Valand klubb (SE)  •  Tickster (SE)  •  Azi production (SE)  •  Joseph Amegatcher (SE)  •  Androbmedia (SE)  •  Ortenheim (NO)  • Jönköpings län (SE)  •  Kulturhuset i Jönköping (SE)  •  Huskvarna Folketspark (SE)  •  Lucas events (SE)  •  KFUM i Jönköping (SE)  •  


Sashdilla (SE)  •  Stew (FR)  •  Fredrik (SE)  •  Dogbite (SE)  •  Deniz (DE)  •  Mellissa (SE)  •  Chiara (IT)  •  Shapeshifter (SE)  •  Lil Matt (HU)  •  Bboy Monk (NO)  •  Appi (NO)  •  Gumdrop (DK)  •  Bgirl Fairytale (SE)  •  John Hope(MOON)  •  Sany-G (IT)  •  Kevinkev (SE)  •  Bboy Leo (SE)  •  Funky Moe (SE)  •  Chi (NE)  •  Poogi (SE)  •  Mary Poppins (FR)  •  Mona Lisa (SE)  •  P-Tech (SE)  •  Bouboo (FR)  •  A.T (VN)  •  The R (SE)  •  Niki Awandee (SE)  •  Baby Bang (SE)  •  Lee (FR)  •  Oooooh Tiffany (SE)  •  Moore (SE)  •  Ashkan (SE)  


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