Fiftheenth year Hiphop Revolution festival offers the chance to take part of lecture & open panel talk

Hiphop Revolution Festival



Thursday 14 November

Time Zone CET

5:15 PM

Open doors!

5:30-7:00 PM


7:00-7:10 PM


7:10-9:00 PM

Open panel talk with moderator Mike Gamble & invited guests

9:00-9:15 PM

End of open panel talk + mingle


- Film screening -

Free entrance.

- Open panel talk -

Free entrance.

- Venue -

Arena Första Lång.

- Sign up -

Limited spots, sign up required.


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DANS[K] 2.0


In Dans[k] 2.0 we get to know 6 male dancers and music artists, through their stories, that are a testimony of their love to the artform they express themselves through. 

As a racialized Black man, in a White majority context, you are placed in the crossroads of multiple belongings, where racialized masculinity ideals, gender perceptions, politicization, and demonization mechanisms force them to navigate and deal with both external and internal contradictions. 

The personal stories of the 6 artists show us how backgrown, cultural heritage and notions of “Danishness”, at the same time both liberate and inspire, and also weigh down and limit them. The environment around music and dance become a home for these 6 men, where their entire existence is reflected and recognized.

Dans[k] draws a picture of how musical- and movement art emerges as a safespace and sanctuary, where frustrations, desires and dreams can coexist and where it is possible to be who you are and explore who you want to be.


Rico Ebenizer Coker

Joram Paulo

Kuku Agami

Ronni Morgenstjerne

Justo Gambula

Bobby Anwar

Director & Producer

Sara Jordan & Detour Dance Festival


Sade Johnson 

DOP & Editing & lights

Sara Jordan

Production assistant

Marie Paldrup

Music and sound engineer

Jeppe Federspiel


"Africa Yetu" by Justo Gambula

"Can't make it anyway" by Justo Gambula 

"Jayjay - Z" by Zelooperz 

"Chadwick " by Wordspray

"Type" by JJ Paulo


Ljuba Castot

Sound lady

Thea Carla Schøtt


Welcome to this year's edition of "Revolution talks" with our talented moderator Mike Gamble. He will be guesting with some of this year's artists such as the legend Slowmotion Phax and the multi-talented artist Stew Menit.

This year we will get to take part in a deep discussion between moderator Mike Gamble and guests Slowmotion Phax and Stew Menit about what it's like to work as an artist and how the hip hop culture, which is now celebrating 50 years, has affected their lives.

Slowmotion Phax

has for many years inspired many generations of artists and works as an artist himself in Sweden, France and Spain, among other places. You have seen him both on TV program Talang or live at many dance events such as Juste Debout. Slowmotion Phax is recognized around the world and there are many artists today who have been greatly inspired by him.

Stew Menit

better known as Deejay Stew nowadays, is a multi-talented artist who works both as a popping dancer, organizer and deejay. Stew is originally from France, but for many years now he has established himself in Norway. If you have been to one or more dance events and dance festivals around the Nordics, Europe and the world, you have probably come across Stew behind the deejay booth. Wherever Stew plays, he creates magic both on the dance floor and in clubs.

During this year's panel discussion

we will discuss and follow along on a journey around how the artists Slowmotion Phax and Stew Menit have been inspired by hip hop culture, what setbacks you experience as an artist and how your life as an artist can be different when you live in France, Spain, Sweden and Norway.


Film screening Dans[k] 2.0 by Sara Jordan
Open panel talk "Revolution Talks" with Mike Gamble